Hey everyone!

Well, I just bought a Epi Les paul, and have decided to upgrade my amp. My current one came in a starter-pack and is horrible.

Anyways, I'm looking to spend 250-350$ on a new amp. I plan on using it to play at home, and with a couple of my friends during jam sessions.

The music I'm into is mainly [Pop]Punk like Blink, Sum 41, etc.. but I also love anything from rock to metal.

Could anyone suggest an amp that I could buy?

Thanks in advance.
I could suggest a couple that I have experience with:

Super Champ XD: 15 watts, built in effects, has that great fender clean sound. Sounds great with a pedal in front. The built in distortion kind of sucks. But plenty of power for jammin, and a little extra versatility (the reverb/chorus is decent)

Blackheart BH-5: 5 watts class A is louder than you think. I've played with drummers with this amp and it sounds great, however your headroom is a little limited with this amp. But the upside is that for bedroom levels there is a 3 watt switch thats lets you get some nice breakup without disurbing the neighbors

Epi. Valve Jr: 5 watts class A (the head/cab combo is $250 and is pretty loud). The Epi is probally the best sounding amp for the money when it is cranked. The cleans are a little muddy with buckers, but with a tele it has a nice bite. It really could use a bright switch.

Crate V-18 2x12/1x12: 18 watts Class A .If you like pedals, this is the amp for you. I don't think it sounds that great by itself. It sounds thin and the overdrive is garbage. But with a DS-2, or TS-808 in front, it can pull off some nice tones. Also has plenty of power to gig or jam. But if you're not a pedal guru this amp isn't that great.