At the moment I play a Squire J bass (i know its bad) and a Fender Rumble 100 bass amp..... I am thinking about buying a new Ibanez ATK300. Is this a good bass/combanation for playing stuff like Rage Against The Machine and Metal songs aswell?

Any other suggestions would be helpful
how about buyin a new amp first?
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yh i mean i got a ibanez distortion + synth pedal before i got my fender aerodyne p bass + my hartke kickback 12 (120 watts) (both the amp and bass came at the same time)
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The rumble is crap dont you agree. But that bass is nice so for the moment go for the bass. I myself love rage and tims sound is my ultimate longing. I can get fairly close with the rumble at neutral and boosting the treble a bit. On my bass i boost the bass and cut the treble turn the neck pickup up and play on tyhe bridge. Thats how i get a rage tone. so ya work ith the rumble to get it.
Go get an ashdown mag or something similiar soon though.
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