I've got an LTD EX-50 which is my first guitar. I've had it for more than two years now, and I'm getting rather tired of the LH-150 pickups and the overall sound of the guitar.

I was planning on getting a PRS SE or perhaps even a "real" PRS, but I'm short on cash and I like how the guitar plays, so I figured I'd stick with it for another six months or so and just pimp it a little.

So. When installing active PUs (planning on getting an 81/85 or 81/81 setup), does the battery and everything usually fit into the guitar or do I have to, like, carve out the body or something? I'm completely green when it comes to this.

Also, I'm playing with the thought of getting hold of some PRS Phase II-tuners. Is it possible that they might fit (is there some kind of standard for tuner measurements or...?) or am I completely over my head here?
for the active pickups the battery should fit in the cavity.
for the tuners, most tuner holes are 10mm but i would recommend measuring the diameter of yours and finding out what the diameter of the PRS tuners is. If its bigger drill a bigger hole, if its smaller dowel all your tuner holes and drill holes the right size for the tuners
Thanks, sounds like a plan.

Now, then. Next issue: PRS tuner diameter. :S I'll look around, but I'm thankful if some PRS geek would let me know. ^^