i know i m gonna get varied replies for this one but i want a lot of them so that i can reallly decide .........if i had just under an hour to practise a day and i really wanna improve my playing from all perspectives how should i distribute this? FYI i m a learner just above the basic level........ currently i do this :
10-15 mins of just chromatic scales(intend to stick to it cos i think its helping the fingers
15-20 mins of simple riffs like AC/DC rhythm or some sabbath riffs
5-10 mins of simple leads (whatever i fell like that day , maybe wish u were here or some thin)
10 mins of normal acoustic chord basic songs

then i m stonmewalled!!!!!! dunno what to play and dunno if i should practise some solid basics like scales (although i decided i will i end up not doin so !!!!)

so wat do u guys do and wat are ur suggestions?
to get better, learn something you cant play. its as simple as that, then keep playing and playing till you can, and vola, your now a better player.

learn how to play Glasgow kiss by john petrucci, i played it with in a year of picking up a guitar, i just kept playing it till i could, making sure i used proper technique.

also, you have to start slow, if you learn something wrong the first time, it will be nigh impossible to get over (unless determined)
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Are you having proper structured lessons with a decent teacher? If so, you should be asking them and not UG. If not, that is what I'd reccomend really. I'd say you're going along the right lines, I've been playing for nearly 8 years, and always warm up with scales etc when playing. Also excercises across the neck, such as chromatic scales up and down in one position in quavers then semiquavers etc.

The best thing you will ever buy is a metronome if you haven't already got one. When you practice use it all the time.

Also, like Hale says, pick a song that is just a little too difficult for you, get a good tab or the sheet music for it. Work out roughly how fast it is, and using the metronome you've just bought, learn it at half speed, then when you can play it note perfect, speed it up, you should find that the nearer to the tempo you're used to hearing it at, when you can play it note perfect it almost feels like the faster you play it it becomes easier to play. Each time you perfect a song, pick another slightly harder song and start the process again.

But the best thing you can do is get a decent teacher.
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firstly !!! no i don have a teacher ...... secondly yes i really think i need metronome cos my timing suxx and although i ve read loads abt it i ve neva practiced with one. yeah i keep tryin to play tougher stuff ..... its the best i gotta agree although i never tried playin something really tough cos inablity to play it causes frustration but at a later point i ve seen it helps! i wnna kno if ther is mix of techniques that i can prac to speeden the process.... u kno like tips u can gimme in hindsight after all ur exp!!!!
well, learn how to type properly is a good start.

guitar wise, techniques, theres not really any, unless you cannot alternate pick, thats a biggie, and something that one can not avoid. go to lessons and practice untill you have brutal alt. picking skills.

then, as i suggested before, i think learning glasgow kiss would be a good idea. the main riff is not THAT hard, and it gets all your fingers going (RULE 1 OF PLAYING GUITAR: ALWAYS USE YOUR PINKY) thus, at slower tempos, it would be quite easy to play.

and i agree, when trying to learn something hard, it does get frustrating, but when you succeed, the satisfaction you feel is overwhelming, even it its just getting to the end of a bar or riff etc.

how long have you been playing for?
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been playing for a year ....... but its just this and that, nothin constructive in terms of technique , so i can just manage my way playing chords . finally i got frustarted that its goin nowhere so i m improving on technique etc.............. i ll def try glasgow kiss since you suggested it twice , but the name petrucci scares me man , crazy timing and technical playing !!!! i ve been practising alternate picking with chromatic scales and riffs wherever possible but its taking time since i ve to lose my bad picking technique first.

as for typing properly.... i m a software professional , tired of typing and re-reading codes so just don bother here ...... lol . guess i ll have to do that here too .
Include scales and improv to your practise. You could split your chromatic time in half and do half of that on scales and then do 10 minutes of improvising.
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