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o.O carmel i dont no what i posted last time but in case you havnt noticed iv been behaving and not trolling oh btw guys check out carmels blogs and look at the one that says about me particularly admiring carmels right eye deficiency,as "the postman!!!" as you can see by my utter balls of steel to keep coming back,you might as well give up carmel because ill keep coming back again and again and again, oh and im a namefag over at 4chan so im pretty well known over thier.and dont think for a SECOND i cant rally dem troops to DdoS this place to sh1t and spam and completly take over,i have been trying to have fun on this forum without trolling for teh delicious lulz and i have found a way to do that now. so what im saying is carmel....give me one more chance! and if i say one thing against the rules ill let you ban me.But i must say i really enjoyed the way you presented my post in the FOTB joke blog and let me tell you carmel,It made me laugh! jolly good show kudos to you big woman! as you can and have, and WILL see from my posts i am a very likeable charming young man when i want to be not forgetting witty and funny,so carmel...baby...will you give me one more chance???