First off, yes, i did search the forums.

I have an ibanez s520ex guitar with the stock infinity pups and currently just an 18w Crate tube amp. Nothing special.

What amp or combo of things should i get that wont break the bank? I was looking for less than 1K. The Genres i'd play most is indie/alternative and some metal like disturbed, as i lay dying, KSE, and other bands like that.

I'll make it an even more simple question, givin the guitar and the genre's i said, what would YOU get for just under $1k for your rig at home.
more input plz! Marshalls (from what i've read from other people all over the forums) seem to be popular. But i need details!

What would you get for a home rig for just under $1k!?
I'd get a Cornford Carrera if strictly for home use, a used H&K Tube Factor (or failing that, a Fulltone OCD) for metal and a Fender Blender distortion for indie/alt rock.
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