hey im getting a little stuck in a rut - seem to be playing same old stuff (actually ive even degenerated to just making up phrases and fragments). i have a couple of songs im partway through transcribing but im losing the will to sit listening to the same damn sections of songs until i get them.

find me something fun to play: preferably classic blues, something you can have fun playing right through by yourself and not sounding like you are just throwing in phrases to accompany silence

any help would be much appreciated. basically any song that is already tabbed here to give me some instant satisfaction and maybe introduce some new directions

If you're really stuck in a rut, try learning some ragtime. It's great a style of guitar playing, and will really stretch your abilities. Also, to me it's the catchiest form of bluesy music to me.
A good song to start with would be Ragpickin'. Look it up, it should be on the tabs list here.
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thats actually an excellent reply rusty-knives. to be honest i was expecting more cookie-cutter responses.

actually i stopped using a plectrum at all a little while back and from the looks of things this looks perfect to get my right hand moving a bit more.

my knowledge on ragtime is basically limited associating the term with scott joplin (the entertainer). i know ragtime was in its hay day about 100 years ago but could you point me in the direction of some cds or something so i can get a bit of a better feel for the style?

thanks for the help rusty knives. nice to see someone bring fresh ideas to the table, especially when ive lost all inspiration