I've noticed that lately my beloved Dot's been a little iffy on the tuning stability front. We're talking every time I use a capo it'll knock it out a little, and it won't stay in tune if I leave it, say, overnight (Unlike my cheap acoustic, which can stay in tune for months). Is there anything I can do myself to make it a little more stable? Maybe some screws need adjusting somewhere? Whilst it would be nice to get a pro to look at it, I'm an impoverished student now, and I do have to eat.
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Maybe consider purchasing some cheap Gotoh tuners and getting a luthier to cut u a bone nut
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put some graphite in the nut. if you mix it with some vaseline it works even better.
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- Put some graphite in the nut slots.
- Use 10 gauge strings.
- Wrap strings 2-3 times around peg heads.
- Stretch out thoroughly when tuning.
- Slightly tighten up tuners.
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Its not a big thing if your guitar is slightly out of tune overnight. Pretty common actually I always tune before playing anyways. If it was way out overnite or during play then its an issue.
when people say put graphite in the nut, i don't get what they mean?

just take all the strings out and go at the nut with a pencil?...
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How old are your strings, the older they get and the more 'damaged' they are, the less they hold their tune.
Quite simply, make sure you're re-strining it correctly. Epi Dots have 18:1 Grovers, so you're not going to have trouble there - if you're having tuning issues, it's either because of a poorly cut nut, or because you're not re-stringing the guitar properly. Since the nut problem really only applicable if you use a vibrato bridge system, then it's almost certainly because the strings aren't being put on correctly.
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