I had a Moorley and didnt like it one bit.

My heroes and the kind of lead stuff I play is Satch and Slash. I pretty much play their solos and variations every time I pick up the guitar.

I know Satch uses a Vox and Slash uses a Crybaby...

Can anyone suggest one to go for? or another wah that can give me simular sounds?
None of my local shops have either in stock so I cant try b4 I buy.

I saw that the new Digitec got a great review in a mag, but can I trust a commercial mag review...

*Thanks in advance*
i got myself the Crybaby and im really happy with it! its really simple to use and after a while the pedal loosens up, so it's pretty easy to go up and down with it (if you got what i mean lol)
but at least u should try it out sometime, maybe you wont like it as much as i do!
Yeah the crybaby will give you a pretty good sound. and like mmkat said, it will loosen up after a while.
try the ibanez weeping demon.
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Great thanks for your replies I may go ahead and get one

any one in particular? is it worth paying out for the Slash sig?
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Great thanks for your replies I may go ahead and get one

any one in particular? is it worth paying out for the Slash sig?

in my opinion, signature instruments and accessories are an unneccasary waste of money. Get the original Dunlop it still kicks ass. You can pretty much replicate the Slash sound with an original crybaby and the right amp-tweaking anyway..

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Maybe your Dads pissed because hes shooting blanks :P
so its not worth shelling out more for the 535q?

Do you know what... before the slah epiphone sig came out, I customised my old epiphone LP standard by swapping the pickups for Alnico II's, I had custom wiring installed so I can cut the buckers in half to have single coil sounds when needed and even had it refretted.

I was happy with it until I went to my local shop and played a Slash epiphone signature.

Wow what a difference. Much much thicker sound with 4 or 5 times the sustain.
They sound like totally different guitars.

The old standard epiphone has a more snappy lighter sound and the slash sig has a deep ooozing thick and lower tone.

Same pickups in both guitars.

Then there is the neck profile, long tennon, the finish etc etc.
I've got a Boss PW-10, which I'm quite happy with. It doesn't wah as "deep" as a Crybaby (or maybe that's just me not getting all the settings), but it's impossible to break and it works satisfyingly all around.