ok. This is in regard to a post i made in the Virginity forum, which had several users contacting me asking for the full story. It is a long one, so, all those people i haven't gotten back to, here's basically what happened:

Shortly after my father died, my mother upon receiving money from his superannuation took me and we went to live in a house up north that had a substantial lake out the back. The closest neighbours lived about 200m away diagonally across the lake from us, and i'd often ride up to their house and hang out with the son of the people who lived there. I recall that he was maybe one year younger than I, that his family lived in a rather poor house, and that he had a sister who was two years older than him, one year older than me.

One day, my mother left to go to the wedding of some friends she'd made in the area, and i was left to stay with these kind folks. We made jokes and mucked about in general during the day, and when night came the three of us slept in a double in a bungalow seperate from the main house.

During the night, my friend (the boy, i think his name was Cody, otherwise i'm not sure) felt ill and went to his parent's bed, leaving me and his sister by ourselves. Shortly (i think) after that, i ripped open a part of my pants along the seam, and she went to her dresser to get a pair of her boxer shorts so that i could borrow them. She turned the light on and gave them to me, and watched as i changed into them (by that time we'd seen each other nude a few times, at that age in a hot climate having no real concept of modesty) and, with the light still on, whispered something to me along the lines of: "want to have sex?".

Now, i didn't know what sex was, at all, but she did, apparently, and as she was the older person i had the impression that she was going to show me some cool game.

Seems funny now, that it WAS like a game, in the way it happened. She seems to know how "sex" went, and told me what to do, right down to "Put your willy (willies were what we called penises, don't ask) on/in here".

Being six (or seven maybe, as far as i can guess) i wasn't able to muster an erection, and had to use my fingers to achieve what she had asked me to do.

So we lay there in that position for a little while i guess and i got bored of it, and went back to my side of the bed to sleep.

The next morning, and afterwards, we never spoke of it, and oddly enough we still hung out the same as before. It certainly stuck in my memory though.

Now I know it's no topic for conversation, at all, but the title of the Virginity thread made me want to tell some people who couldn't see me in person and couldn't judge me.

i think that about sums it up. any other questions? I wanted to get that off my chest, and it seems the Pit thrives on sick occurrences like that, and i don't really mind sharing.
Just be glad you lost yours at a healthy age.

tl;dr sorry, but there's no way to really sum this up without it sounding like a bs troll.
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