I have a MXR SuperComp in great condition. I would say mint, but has velcro on the back. I already have a Black Finger and White Finger compressor, so I don't need this one. I'm open for trades. I would like it to be an even trade and keep it to the lower 48 states.

If interested or want pics, post up, pm me, or email me.

are you interested in a The Worm?

If so please e-mail me at: otsugua713@hotmail.com

Thank you
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Ive got a shure sm-57 if you're interested in that...
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I've got a EHX Metal Muff with Top Boost, only used for a month.

The only thing is that the jack for the nine volt adapter went bad. So it has to be run with a battery or an adapter with an end like this:

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