For instance, Glasgow kiss by Petrucci. I have no trouble playing songs like this when I'm looking at the tab, but I have only memorized about a minute of an entire song...ever. It usually takes me about a week of practicing 30 min a day to get comfortable with a song, but that's not memorizing? How long should it take me to put an entire song to memory? Anad do you have any tips for this?

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same problem here it i try to learn a song by a few measures at a times and usually helps
hey guys, it is difficult for me as well to memorize music, i used to play in a concert band and when i wanted to memorize the music i would learn it backwards. take it bit by bit. so if there are four parts in the song , A,B,C,D learn D first. then play C, D. then B C D. then A B C D. that way you have learn the song and how the parts move into each other. please let me know if this helped.

haha, glasgow kiss is such an awsome name for a song.

when you listen to the song concentrate on the melody of the part your learning, even if your learning shred, you should be able to kind of hum it to yourself. also listen to it over and over.
i can memorize songs in 15 to 20 minutes, easily. think of it just like when you're studying for a test and trying to memorize the answers. Just look at it, play it, look away, and see if u can remember how it goes. Take one riff at a time, if you have to. It will all build up to the whole song that way.
Just work on it one part at a time, the verse, the chorus, etc.
Make sure you get each part down and memorized, than just put them together.
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Ive actully backed off tabs for now, cause it seems harder to memorize. What I do now is pull a vid off of youtube and watch their hands and where they go during the song. I memorize that, then I just find the notes by ear in that particular hand location. That seems to be working better for me at this point in my learning. Not sure if it will help you or not.
something i noticed is that when i play while im looking at a tab, i never memorize what im playing even if im playing it really well. Even if i play it like a million times, if i try and play it without the tab in front of me ill forget the next note sometimes even 5-6 notes in. its probably has something to do with your brain and how you are just playing what you see....then when you play it without that visual you just dont remember it.

what i then started doing was just going measure by measure like that one guy earlier said and all is well.
Just pay attention to what you're playing.

I mean REALLY pay attention.