So this is my first song ever. hope you like it
Constructive comments are appreciated

Its got a melody but its kinda hard to explain a rythm in words so sorry for that.
And dont mind any bad english... I'm from Norway and therefore don't have the best skills

1. verse
It's to late to cry
My time has come
I've got to move on

2. verse
Oh it's so sad
The look in your eyes
How is this real?
Is it over now?

OoOoh it's time to leave
I've got to move on to the afterlife
not bad, just add on to it a little more.

Bass: Yamaha RBX170
Amp: Fender Rumble 100
Pedal: Boss BOD-3 Bass overdrive pedal
im thinking that to but at the moment there is nothing to add. ill play around with it some more tonight and see if something more comes in