Ok so I went and got me a fender MIM telecaster a fw weeks ago, brand new for only $300 the store I got it from had them for awhile and wanted to get rid of them so they could order the new stuff. I cant play it until christmass though. However I was aloud to play it for about 30 mins through my amp. I think that the pickups are exceptable but I think they sound a little bland, so at first I started looking at Seymour Duncan, I was kind of thinking about the hot tele lead for the bridge. But then I remembered some of teh pickups that you cant get at like musicians friend or guitarcenter. Imediatly I thought of BKP and I dident know much about the 2 or 3 sets that they offer for teles but someone had suggest the brown sugar set to me so I was sort of thinking about that even though I had never heard them before. Then I rememberd Kinman pickups and thought that they would be nice, I was looking at like the ol' 69's or somthing like that. What do you guys think about these pickups? I play blues and rock and I have a marshall jcm900.
( I dont want a glassy treble sound on my distortion, I want sort of a creamy sound but still keeping that bite you get with the bridge tele pickup, I want alot of balls in the sound just a really nasty sounding distortion.)
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I think the BKPs or Kinmans will make it sound better, but will also cost about as much as the guitar cost, which I honestly wouldn't advise

I'd try to find a used set of Fender Texas Specials, or maybe even just put some Tex Mex pickups in it.
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