I made a alternate picking riff/exercize, which helps the pinky develop more, since this finger is imo the weakest. It's quite a simple riff, but I felt it to be more tricky then the other stuff I play.

I got it clean at 16ths on 123bpm.

   4 3 1 4 3 1 4 3 4 3 1 4 3 1 0 1

> = Accented noted
1 = index
3 = ring
4 = Pinky

The tricky part I felt was the alternate pinky and ring finger. Maybe it's easy for you, maybe it's not. But it's good for ur pinkyyyyyy.


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Who's Andy Timmons??
ill give it a whirl
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i love how people say the pinky is the weakest, its one of my strongest. My ring finger is the weakest, and from a biological standpoint, that makes sense. It has almost no degree of autonomy, seeing how its connected to the middle finger. but whatever, I'll still try this excersise
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Tried the exercise, pretty nice. But wouldn't this be useful to guitar players of all genres?
My ring finger is the weakest, but I can still get that pattern well over 170, probably close to 190. If the pattern were pinky, middle, index, then I could do closer to 210.