Before I start I know there is a tube sticky, but there is no information on there about the one tubes/valves Im looking at.

Basically Im looking for a new pair of output valves for my ENGL, I've been looking at JJ/Tesla 6L6GC and sovtek 6L6WXT+.

Which would you guys suggest? Cleans and high gain distortion are quite important so whichever does them both best! I'm pretty sure the stock valves in my amp are re-branded sovtek 6L6/5881s but the WXT+s are of a higher quality.

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Mesa/Boogie F-50 combo w/ G12K-100
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If there isn't any info there then you should ask there.

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I've just replaced the aging Svteks with JJ 6l6s in my boogie this morning, it's like a new amp! I've heard good things about the WXT though...

You'll be fine with either. The JJ will be a little darker/warmer but otherwsie it's entirely a personal choice.