Hi guys, i have a Laney LC30 and the valves have gone, finally.

At the moment i'm looking to do a full swap for JJs, pre and power amp, as i've heard they are darker and so might balance the LC30s bright tone a bit.

Is this the right decision?

If not, any different valves you recommend to balance the brightness?

(bear in mind my budget is about £70-80)

Which output valves does the LC30 use again? El84s? I've just switched to JJs (6L6) and they're noticeably warmer but it's still not drastic. Speakers will make a hell of a lot more difference though, and even if you've got the 2x12 you can just upgrade one of the two for now. A Greenback, say, should be easily within budget...
Yeah, EL84s.

I'm really inexperienced with speakers so you'll have to tell me what to look for and what affects what?