Hi there folks,
I'm new to this forum but I play guitar for more than 10 years now. I've been playin a Gibson SL for the last 8 and I think I need to move on now (but yet i make no intention of releasing my only guitar from duty!).
So, I'm goin to choose another guitar, it will ne one of the following, and I want your opinion before I choose. I got a HUGE problem is that i must buy it on-line, I live in a remote region of Portugal and here we don't have many options to choose.
The things I consider more important on my new guitar will be:

a) the sound. A lot of sustain is needed
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b) I need to record my playing with a Boss MicroBR so i the least hum i get the better.

c)For me the definition of the sound is very important, I use little to no effects but my guitar needs to sound sad and dark. If I had to choose a perfect guitar track i'll say Soma, by the smashing Pumpkins or Betterman, by Pearl Jam.

so here are the options:

a) Schecter Hellraiser Tempest, I think the active pickups will be very usefull, they are noiseless and the guitar sound is very nice both in clean and over driven.

c) Les Paul Studio. I like this guitar but in fact I fear that it will be much like my gibson SL and so there is no point in changing.

d) Gibson SG Standar. it is a rock guitar, i love the looks but still i think it has a to bright tone to me..

e) Gretsch Corvette. I try and try to get some sound samples of this guitar. It looks preatty but I really need to hear it before choosing.

four guitars only one can be choosen!

and please please help me with your opinions i've read so many things i'm going nuts!
Actually to be completely honest I think you should get a Paul Reed Smith. Fits your needs perfectly. Dark and full tone, ridiculous sustain (even for me, an Ibanez owner), and very crisp humbuckers. Look into PRS 22s or 24s. BTW the necks on these will make you cream your pants. Most amazing thing I've ever played.

The guitarist for Linkin Park plays PRS so even if u wanna go heavy it can beast it out.
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The SG might be to bright for your target sound - I use my LP's and cover a lot of pumpkins and both of them do it very well. You can get a nice dark tone from the neck p/u's (think jellybelly)

I would look at a LP, maybe not the studio - try the Standard

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I don't know if there's much love for them now, but the Les Paul BFG might be up your street, though soapbars can be a little noisy.

Better still, how about the Framus Panthera Studio? They're specuially designed to 'offer you the cleanest and quietest recorded tone', and are beautifully made. Should be substantially cheaper (they're under £1000 in the UK) since it's made in Germany, and that includes a PLEK setup!
I'd go for the Schecter Hellraiser Tempest. It should have a pretty balanced tone between the LP and the SG, and Schecters are almost always made very well.

I simply don't know anything about the Gretsch, so I wouldn't want to comment on that.

As far as the two Gibsons go, the Les Paul Studio is awful - avoid it. The SG should be much better, but be aware that Gibson's quality control isn't very good at the moment, so really you need to try the guitar out before you buy it. Of course if you can't try it out, then you shouldn't risk buying it.
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