is it possible to put things on hold at guitar center, more specifically, i found a schecter c-1 plus yesterday for 300 dollars used, but i didnt have the money at the time, but im going back on friday with the money, BUT friday is the super 15% off sale and i dont want someone to buy it first, so is it possible to reserve it?
You can call them up and ask them, but I would think so.
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you have to put 10% down first but yea its possible
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You realise that if you put it behind now then you have accepted the CURRENT price on the guitar so you will need the $300 as it's what you have been quoted at the time and does not have to be subject to the rules of the sale?
if you put down a large downpayment they probable will but you probable better off taking a loan from a freind and getting it now
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