Local post-hardcore (I guess you'd call it that?)/metalcore band. Saw them with House Vs. Hurricane and Amity Affliction a few weeks back and they were fucking awesome.


It isn't on their myspace, but the track "Sticks and Stones" is just amazing. Check 'em out.

Agreed, they are in my opinion, the best heavy band in Australia at the moment.

I listened to their album again this morning and every time it impresses me.

I suggest everyone on this board checks them out.

Where did you see them?
The Red Room @ The Uni of Queensland. It's basically a bar for the uni kids but it was AA so I went along. I got a free copy of their album given to me by a friend of my dads a few weeks later. Was a weird coincidence that he brought it over for no reason.
Not post hardcore. Just lettin you know, not trying to be an asshole or anything.
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Saw with Her Nightmare. Wasn't impressed.
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which show are they playing with robo?

i'm seeing them in blacktown on their love below tour. its ****ed up though cause this local band called resist the thought is headlining over a secret death.... :S
According to their myspace they're playing the brisbane date of the_network and robotosaurus tour. Should be a sick show.
Indeed seeing them with Robotosaurus and The_network. I think Brazen Bull are playing as well. Gonna be fucking sick.

edit: Aw man, it got moved...
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There's an AA and an over 18 one, I spose I'll go to whichever one ASD are playing. Where the hell is top floor art space?
No clue mate.
As far as I know, the 18+ one got cancelled. There was one at Rosie's.
The Network, Brazen Bull, A Secret Death and Robotosaurus, but it's been replaced on the Monstrothic website. I think I know why, but yeah.
I wanted to see BB. Oh well. We should totes meet up d00d.
Getting all the details seems like far too much effort for me to bother with tonight haha, and yeah if I ever figure it all out I'll come say hi at the show.