Im doing up my old Ibanez DT120 Destroyer with thicker strings (im leaving it in c standard) and new pups. The pups on the guitar only have 1 wire coming out of them, i was wondering if i bought new ones it is simply a case of removing the wire and soldering it on a new set of pups or is it more complicated?
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There has to be at least 2 wires on the pickup. 1 that is soldered to hot and the other to ground. Many pickups have 4 conductor wire (which is really 5 conductor) and then you have to wires that get soldered together, to wires that go to ground, and 1 wire that is soldered to hot.
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is there a braided jacket around the wire? if so, that's your ground and you must solder that to a ground point on your guitar (typically the back of a pot). You have to find a wiring chart for the pickup you're using because all manufacturer color codes are different. Once you find that chart, look for the two wires called "series link". These two wires are soldered together along with the bare and "ground" wires and as cord said, the other two go to hot and ground respectively... seymour duncan has a chart on their website for most popular brand's color codes
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