Me and my friends recently started a band, but we all have been playing for 6 months or less. Does anyone know any easy songs we could cover? We'll pretty much take any style. We can already play The Faders- No sleep tonight and The fray-How to save a life, so any songs like them would be a huge help. Thank you!
bob dylan - knocking on heavens doors lol 3 chords G, D, C for the whole song lol but its a classic
any Blink 182
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A hole lot of Bob Dylan songs, most Nirvana songs, and chordy versions of tons of other tunes. Look on UG for chord versions of songs you like...and have a bash,

Its all good for practicing timing and tightness. And on-stage rock n roll, chick attracting, sexy poses.
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any blink 182, most punk songs. misfits, seven nation army by white stripes.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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it had to be done but really, my band learned Hand of Doom-black sabbath Electric funeral-Black sabbath and Paranoid is a good one
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The One Note song by Tenacious D

only the guitarist would be able to play... unless the also re-inact the speech lol
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Try Are You Gonna go my way-Lenny Kravitz, Tourretes - Nirvara, Guns Of Brixton - The Clash. Pretty heavy for the drummer (depends on how spot on he wants to play anyway ). The first 2 are great for rocking out.
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im broken - pantera [suggested because i am listening to it as we speak after like a year of not hearing it, my gaaad its amazing]
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A hole lot of Bob Dylan songs....

Yeah, Dylan's always a good place to start and Hendrix.....
My Own Worst Enemy by Lit
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bob dylan - knocking on heavens doors lol 3 chords G, D, C for the whole song lol but its a classic

Actually it is G, D, Am, and in the next line it is G, D, C,

Some play it with Am7

Bob has been known to switch key's during the song however.