Ok, I'm looking to buy a delay pedal and a wah pedal, to use with my Roland Cube 60. I don't use the delay on my Cube because it's not that great, and I'm not looking for any amp suggestions either for the moment, I'm happy with what I've got.

So, I've basically got a budget of maybe 140 euro for both pedals, I could stretch a tiny bit higher maybe, but not much, I'm also not looking for anything that'd suck my tone big time.

I'd just love to hear more experienced player's opinions on what I could get with the money that I have, since I have a grand total of 0 pedals at this point haha.
I'm not sure about the price in euros, but possibly the MXR Carbon Copy as a delay? I'd wait a while and get the wah later, so you're getting two quality pedals instead of two not so good ones.
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Ibane DE-7.


Also, a V847. I think those together are going to put you a little over what you're looking at, but it depends on what the prices are like in your country. It might be way over what you're looking at.
Well I'll most likely be buying these online, and maybe on eBay too, so just keep the suggestions coming thanks.

Also I should have specified in the first post, I want a wah that can handle gain like Tool, and that has a fairly large sweep.

I've been looking at an Artec APW-7 too, anyone have any experience with it? http://www.thomann.de/ie/artec_apw7.htm
I'm not sure about the price in euros.

For wah-wahs the Morley Bad Horsie I think is good. Also VOX wahs are amazing IMO.
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