I bought myself a guitar 5 days ago after spending almost a year looking for a rhythm guitarrist for my band. Anyway, after playing for a while I get this stiffness in my left hand, and slight pain. Is this normal for the first few months or is there something I'm doing wrong?

Also, I've been playing 3 to 5 hours a day, mostly hammer-on and speed exercises.
Yes, that's normal if you're hammering for extended periods of time. It takes more time for your wrists to feel discomfort as you go on.
Discomfort is one thing. Pain is another. I would not say that is normal.

Are you playing with your strap really low? Are you really tense? How thick are your strings?
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Well, I don't know really if it's discomfort or pain, it's not pain like when you punch a wall (lol).
I play with the top of the guitar about 10cm above my waist, not tense at all, and I use 12-54s in drop C.
Humm... well pain like a sharp slicing or stabbing is a sign of bad technique. Either overly tense or you're fingering is wrong. I asked about strings cause too much tension in the strings means you may be pressing far harder than necessary. But since you tune that low the tension shouldn't be too bad.

Also. Your guitar isn't that low... I asked because a low guitar means your fretting hand is usually at a funny angle which could promote discomfort.

I'm thinking tense, bad technique, or just growing pains!
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There are no genres in metal that end with "core."

It's probably a case of technique then...But it's not stabbing pain it's more like a dull ache. Where and a what angle should my wrist and thumb be when playing?
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Make sure to relax your wrist. Once it starts to hurt, its always a good idea to stop and let it rest, just so it doesn't get screwed up.
I get the same thing when I play piano super fast and tense up my wrist.
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