Needs a bit of revising, it's more of a freewrite at this point. Tell me what you think
Bloodshot pupils of disconcern
Twitching the brittled nails
to each channel that appears before me
Blank static screen

Fabric of the recliner
embedded onto my sand like skin
and into my cognition
Blank static screen

Fluids of crimson
seep from the antenna
and linger from my slits called eyes
Blank static screen

I see the repulsive pigments
of society
my ears cry with cackles of broken clocks
All goes dark

but the blank static screen

Haha yeah one of my weirder ones. I was trying to go for a more abstract feel towards the end.
"To find yourself think for yourself"
Interesting piece, you certainly did provoke an abstract ambience about it. I like the flow and your use of enjambment, along with the recurring line that brings it all together. I haven't got all that much to say but it perhaps could use a little more about the atmosphere (there could be more of/to the descriptions in each stanza).
I'm not sure if it was intentional but the capitalisation kind of kerfuddled me =P ("Twitching, All, but").
Overall good job, a little short but not bad at all.
I think that the imagery that you put forth really painted a picure in my mind. It made me think of a homer simpson type character sitting in a room with just a tv and a chair and he has been there unmoved for days, if that's what you were going for. I have to say that I like it, you could maybe put in a little more substance but sometimes less is more