so im having issues writing songs that i like, ill write a song and then after i listen to the whole thing i just end up hating it. i don't know what my sound is and i end up mixing up a bunch of riffs that don't sound right all together. my influences are mainly btbam and opeth but i listen to a bunch of different stuff. i need advice on how to get that crazy btbam sound and those amazing opeth choruses without sounding like i threw ten riffs that don't match together. im not trying to sound like either of those bands exactly but i want to mesh their sounds together and hopefully find my sound, so does anyone have any advice
a little music theory wouldnt hurt.

and when you add drums it makes a huge difference, so dont just scrap the song because you hate it. If you arent already playing with other people, they should be helping out.

i usually make up a riff, and record it and play it back a bunch of times and play along with it and when it ends just keep playing, maybe some stuff will start flowing.

i have some really bad songs up if you wanna take a look

myspace.com/godsnmonsters ( let me know if you like it send me a message or some thing ? )

all i did was make the 1st riff then just work off of that. i did everything by myself in my room, i used a MIDI to record the drums, a lot of the riffs i had from stuff i never finished i just moved them around to make it flow more.

hope i helped?
Dude dont scrap it, save it and improve it when ever you think of something or maybe sometime you will use something in there for a different song. The more you practice writing songs the better you will get, so remember every song that u write isnt gonna be good.
Yea I have this problem too! I make up a song, and I think it sounds really cool, but the next day when I play it again, it doesn't sound any good to me. What can I do???