Heyy, i need to know of a good program to create things such as .. like.. band logos... emblems.. cool things like that..?

Is there anything better than photoshop elements 6 or anything?

Thanks for the help :]
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Photoshop CS4?
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You'll need an Illustration program.

Adobe Illustrator is the best. But It's huge.

Look for Macromedia (or Adobe) Freehand MX.
A piece of paper, Some pens, and raw creativity.

Remember when people did $hit on their own?
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Hey, You need to get Photoshop, and adobe illustrator preferably both if not, then just photoshop and make sure they are CS2 you dont really want anything lower. you can download them from limewire if you really want to. If you have a Mac make sure they are .DMG files. umm i think PC is .EXE and make sure its a lot of Megabytes or its probably garbage or a virus.

and look for FREE vector art. check out GOMEDIAZINE.COM
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A piece of paper, Some pens, and raw creativity.

Remember when people did $hit on their own?

yeah but what what if you cant draw? and even if you can, it's not going to help if you want a professional looking logo, because it can only look so good with a paper and pen. and yeah i wanna know if there's anything better than photoshop too
LMAO, my bad.
bang logos.. was meant to say... BAND logos..


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what's a bang logo?

possibly TS wants to get in on the pr0n industry...
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Oh theres this tiny one you might have heard of

Or illustrator
Or if you wanna be lame, paintshop pro.

Paint Shop Pro is pretty cheap if you don't want to have to pirate Photoshop.
Photoshop or illustrator is all you need

good logos don't draw themselves.. you need to learn how to use the program and get good with it.
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