Maximum Damage - The riffs here are well around awesome. The only thing lacking here (as you pointed out) is vocals. I really like this song. That little interlude with feedback and whatnot is interesting.

Han Shot First - This track sounds messy. The delay or reverbd or whatever effect your using on the guitars is kind of annoying. I don't really think it fits. Maybe if you toned it down a little or even got rid of the effect all together. The playing sounds good, so really the only problem is that effect.

Oh the Humanity - The arrangement is a little more interesting. With pauses between the distorted riffs. This I like. All around a pretty good song.

I like what you have here. You guys have lots of potential and with the additiong of a singer will probably sound even better.

If you could crit mine too, please?
"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
Hey dude

tracks sound ****ing sick

couldn't find what Globocop was talking about tho on "Han Shot First". Didnt sound very messy.

and Globocop, I checked your stuff............keep trying, you'll get there one day
First song is pretty cool. It seems a little closer to metalcore overall, though, which isn't a bad thing. The softer chorded part would make a good chorus. The guitar tone is pretty good throughout. The main riff of the song is pretty good, very driving, drums could use some double bass.

For whatever reason, the guitar tone isn't as good in Han Shot First. The tone of the whole song seems to suffer and be very thin. This song isn't as good as the first, but it isn't terrible. Some generic riffing that could be carried by strong vocals. Keep in mind you need to compensate for the lack of vocals with far more interesting guitar work and leads.

Pretty decent overall though, I wish you luck with finding a good vocalist and drummer!

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