Hi there, i've been looking into recording equipment, now i'm only 15, and i'm not after the perfect studio sound, hence my 200 pound budget. Anyway, i've been looking at Line 6's UX2. However, there is a newer version, the studio, and the original Toneport. I would be led to assume that the new one would have better software, like the PodFarm, Riffworks etc. Both come with Ableton Live Lite, but my main focus is on the sound i can get from Podfarm. The older UX-2 comes with Gearbox, which is considered inferior to PodFarm, however i've heard that overall the older version is better for more instruments.
Bodged up the paragraphing a bit, but please compensate
So, if any of you can help, please.


My friend and i have a project, which invloves mainly metal, and some more acoustic/jazz stylings, if you can tell me about the Podfarms distortion, thanks
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I have the old TonePort UX1, and i've downloaded PodFarm for free from Line6 Linemonkey (which is like a software updater that comes with most line6 products).

So... yeah PodFarm doesnt oooonly come on the new stuff.

I'm very pleased with my toneport, i love it!

I dont know what the difference is between the Toneport i have and the studio one, but i'm happy with mine!

I dont think the older one comes with riffworks but i'm not sure. I use other recording software so i havent tried to install any recording software i've been offered from line 6
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They're only different cosmetically, the toneports have also been reduced so theyre a bit cheaper too.

You need to work out if you want any of the features available in podfarm platinum (if you're planning on metal the metal pack is pretty valuable to you) and if so if its cheaper to buy the studio and upgrade to platinum. Otherwise you can do what I've ended up doing which is getting a free upgrade from gearbox gold ( having bought all 3 expansion packs) to podfarm platinum.

Its a case of working out which is the cheaper route IF you want podfarm platinum.