Just a slow, sad song with some piano, cello, drums and a guitar.

This will be recorded eventually and it does have lyrics.

Just want to know your thoughts and opinions on it.

Thanks so much

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Very nice song man.
I'm speechless.

The intro reminded me of Apologize by One Republic and Timbaland, which is cool.
The drums are cool, nice stuff on the highhat there.

Maybe a clap instead of a snare? Either that or a big like reverb-y snare would be awesome.

Is it me or does the cello seem to high to be a cello?
Oh well, it sounds good.

The distorted section was a let down. Atleast add bass.
But in short, it didn't fit the song atall in my opinion.

In bar 77 I think you have left and right hand piano mixed up?
Or do you always play cross armed?
It's good though.

Overall, 8/10
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
critting as I listen.

beginning is ok. Its a chord progression used a lot, so nothing new here(not a bad thing necessarily though)

The drums are really good here.

This song is begging for vocals so far :P

It might be time for a new progression soon.

The chorusy part is just the same thing with a different rhythm and cello added.

When the guitar came it sounded good, but once again, change the progression!

Seems more like something that would go in the credits of a movie or an openor/closer for an album then just a song.

The piano is pretty good though when it comes it.

Bassickly the song is just a chord progression that starts with just rhythm piano then eventually more instruments catch on. I mean its cool and all but its kinda unoriginal since first of all, the chord progression is used a lot, and all you did was build up on it. Good for an openor or closer to an album though. Also, the drums are really well thought out.

Originality 7.5/10
solos na/10
structure 8/10

overall 8/10
Well, the song is meant to be repeative in nature, just that kind of song. The vocals really drive this one home, I will add a vocal track to this tab as soon as I can get the vocals over here and sing it outloud :P

Oh and I cant believe I forgot the guitar solo...I will be adding one, I had on written just somehow forgot to put it in heh heh

Oh and I would add bass to it but in real life I am also the bassist and I am the only one able to play the piano well enough (even though I only started six months ago) to actually do it live and not mess up bad. We need a keyboardist bad :[

Thanks for the crits guys
Hmm. The chord progression has been used a lot, but it's nice none the less.
The intro piano is actually pretty damn cool. I don't see a lot of songs like this on UG, so I find the piano quite different to listen to.
Overall, the song really reminded me of Apologize by One Republic. The version without Timbaland, of course.
An outro to this song would be cool. A piano outro, I mean. My metalhead self just kept thinking about how awesome a piano outro solo would be, where all the other instruments just drop out and it's just the piano. Kind of like the piano solo in From A Buried Heart by Abigail Williams.
I'm rambling.
Anyway, I thought the song had a decent structure, the added instruments kept the familiar chords from becoming tedious and overall I think this will sound a lot better with vocals. You could probably make the vocals bring the chord progression to life by using different modes and stuff. So that, in one part it would be the piano supported by the voice and in another part the voice supported by the piano.
Or, more cello. I thought the cello didn't really have a chance to shine in this song. You could have it play some slow romantic type leads, perhaps even harmonize with the vocals later on?

Great work man, keep it up.
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