A highway one, a MIM, and a MIA.
Which one is more worth the price?
Is it really worth the extra money to get an MIA instead of an MIM?
And how does the highway one compare to these?
Is it the 'hybrid' of both strats?
The MIA will retain its value and eventually become a collectable if maintained. The MIM will not! This doesn't mean the MIM will play worse, it's just the difference between an "original" and a "repro". If you love Strat's and want to own one for life, I'd "invest" in an American made. If you just want to play a Strat, possibly sell soemtime down the road, I'd "buy" a MIM.
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Well how about a Highway One then, that's MIA as well.

You answered your own question there I think!

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Ha well am I going to be well off with a Highway 1 or should I shell out the extra cash and go all out with an American Standard?
Well, if your really into strats and are like yes I want a good one. I would shell it out, you know you have the highest standard quality. It's personal preference, i wouldn't say that the difference in H1 and Standard is a big deal. MIM is just getting your feet wet.
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Good choice with the Highway One, those things are great, but if you have the extra cash, you might as well and go all out and grab the MIA.
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