I was looking for a beginner guitar under $150 and was recommended by fellow UG'ers to get models such as the Yamaha F335 and Takamine Jasmine. I then went to GuitarCenter to check these models out - they only seemed to have the Yamaha F335 in stock so I asked the salesperson to compare it to the Mitchell MD100 (which is supposedly the Guitar Center brand). I'm new so I couldn't really tell the difference of which one is better but the salesperson said the Mitchell was. Do the salespeople at GuitarCenter actually provide honest feedback or are they just trying to make a sale off their brand? Also, is the Epiphone DR100 worth considering at all?

Thanks so much!
just go and play around with all of them, if they are in the same price range just get the one that feels better, is more comfortable, and sounds better to you. even though you may not see much difference spend a little time with each guitar and you'll find one that stands out.
The problem is I don't know how to play yet and my ears aren't good enough to be able to hear the "better" sound
I have the Mitchell MD100, and I absolutely love it. It's my first guitar, so I have no idea what others sound like.
I bought a Mitchell MD100sce a few months back so I can have it sit out in the bedroom and not really worry about it. I must say it's a nice sounding guitar for the price. I say it gives my taylor a run for its money.