Hey guys, here is a thread for all your midlanders to post your classifieds. As there is so much of us here, I thought it'd be easier to all post in one thread.

I'll start - I'm looking for a prog rock band, preferably Wolverhampton/Stourbridge/Dudley, and maybe Birmingham depending on which area.

15 year old guitarist, Grade 6, doing my Grade 8 currently. Happy to do both lead and rhythm, but preferably lead. Main influences are Opeth, Dream Theater, Tool, Pink Floyd, Nighwish.
Bassist from Birmingham =] I'm looking for a more serious band and some individual work. Up for most genres, but I'm afraid metal bass has never done it for me, so I wouldn't do more than individual jobs in it.
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Based in Birmingham, available for any bass work.
MSN or email narcolepsy_patrol@hotmail.co.uk
hi im a bassist in uttoxeter which is in midlands and in a metal/ hard rock band and we are looking for a rythem or lead guitarist
Guitarist from Burton-on-Trent, looking for a bluesrock, jazz fusion, shred, whatever band really!
If you wanna know what "level" I play at, I can play the most part of Fives by Guthrie Govan, a lot of wonderful slippery thing by him too, I can play a lot of Joe Stariani's work and a fair bit of Paul Gilberts stuff.
My main influence really is Rory Gallagher and Taste, of which I can also play a lot of.
Pony Chair Black is looking for a steady rythmn guitarist to join our indie-blues-funky-pop band. Think Elbow meets James Brown with a touch of Nick Cave or the Bunnymen and you won't be far off. Quality mood stuff.

We're looking for someone who appreciates "the song", understands dynamics, and knows that the volume knob goes down as well as up. A sense of humour is also important. We practise together on Saturday afternoons.

We're not looking for a career in music, but want to be bloody good when we gig - probably once a month at most. We're all in our late-30s, have jobs, kids, etc. On one hand this is a bit of fun, but we're also serious about it.

No heavy drinkers, egos, time-wasters or metal merchants, please.

A few tracks can be found at our myspace page .

If you're interested, do send me an email .

bassist. 15. 5string. Leicester.
like any music thats not got a cheesy predictable chord progression.
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Dave, 17, Bass/Guitar. Lead or Rhythm, Electric or Acoustic. Been playing for about 3 years. Can span out into a number of genres, though i'm not much of a fan of metal, though anything other than that i'll probably be interested in. I live in the Acocks Green area and can travel out of that. Currently not in a band but i'd love to get back into one, on bass or guitar, so get in touch if you have an offer.

I have some Mp3's on my profile but they are about a year old, i'll get around to putting some new stuff up some time soon hopefully.
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Guitarist from Solihull/birmingham.

Up for jamming with anyone really. Into funk / prog / bluess / everything. Check profile for bands.
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so far we're a drummer and lead guitarist aged 15 and 16 and we need a rhythm and bass guitarist after which, we'll get a singer.


there you can hear some riffs we made and see our influences.

Anyone rockers that wanna roll with us?
19 year old Lead or Rhythm Guitarist
from Halesowen, Birmingham.

Looking to join/start a band.

Preferably leaning towards stuff like A Day to Remember/Escape the Fate/etc. but I'm fairly easy going - i like heavier and softer music.
Yo, Im a brumie bassist, lookin to form a shoegazy/ambient/dream rock band with more prononced dynamics than aforementioned genres. Think early Silversun Pickups (Carnavas/Pikul) crossed with Siamese Dream by the Pumpkins and the first BRMC and Jesus and Mary Chain albums...then throw Doolitle by the Pixies at them.

Got a fair bit of gear at my house (no drums sadly though) and been in a few bands/gigged a fair bit.
Ideal lineup would have keys/synths,guitar,drums,bass(obv that'd be me lol) and shared male/female vocals for atmposphere.
If this perks ur interest,PM me,if not,no worries
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I'm in a band, and we need a drummer - Influences include Fightstar, Funeral for a Friend, Tool, Finch, Deftones and more. Anyone interested? Looking to gig soon as we have ideas ready
i'm looking to start a band, i live in tamworth but can easily get to birmingham and will be startin uni in nottingham soon so can get there alot too!
influences- billy talent, smashing pumpkins, funeral for a friend, evanescence, foo fighter to name a few.
i'm a female vocalist (please don't let that put you off!), i also play piano and a little bit of guitar! have been trying to join a band for a long time!
so not much experience in a band but i do write my own stuff and I am really dedicated!
feel free to message me or add me www.myspace.com/gothrealm
Looking to start SERIOUS band coming September.

Looking for mainly members OTHER than guitar- maybe exceptions if you are very good

Influences including:

Brand New
Alice In Chains
The Bled


Hit me up!

The stuff on my profile is outdated. But it may give you a rough idea....
we are flames in darkness, we are a pop punk/rock/ indie band from westmidlands,
we are aging from 15-16 years old and are hoping to find a lead guitarist and drummer for our band.
we have a vocalist(me) rythem guitarist and a bassist.
we have some stage names mainly because none of us like are real names and two because were cool. aha jokes.
so yeah im Skylar, hi.
im sorry if im alittle bubbley :S
so yeah. if your intrested reply or email us on
oh also were all girls :P so if you are guys and your gonna feel uncomfatable being round girls dont worry, cos were mainly just classed as one of the guys anyway :P
so yeah im gonna go now
bye :P
I'm in the west midlands and looking to join or start a band. I play lead, rhythm and bass guitar.
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