Ive been thinking about getting a new amp because i want somthing louder then 10w since me and my friend who is getting drums, want to jam together.

I play almost any kind of metal, mostly korn, slipknot.
I havnt played a tube amp yet so i dont know if i like tubes or not and id rather have a combo then a halfstack.

My budget is around 400 USD

Thanks for any advise
i was in a simaler situation about half a year ago ... i ended up spending $350 for a peavery 62w solid state and i now truely regret it ... mi advice would b a smaller watt tube amp, and dont buy an amp the first time u try it ... try a few amps in different stores with a guitar as close to your as possible .. if not your own guitar. when u find one u like ( and i recoment tube) try a few more then go back and if its the sound u want got r ... because i realize now that mi amps is not the sond im looking for but its has a rele low resale value so im stuck ... line 6 tubes seem very expencive but look for yourself .. esp. at peavy and crate tube amps... marshial and fender tubes are probably out of the quiestion
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I'd try and find a used valveking, and then mod it a bit with some tubes, speaker, etc....
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