I have a ****ty Squire By Fender Jazz (am replacing it this christmas) and my strings are so high off the neck that it hurts badly. One day I actually started bleeding. I have the saddles as low as they could possibly go. I mean if I loosen them any more the screw will probably fall out. What can I do?

This is basically my guitar - but right handed.
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It sounds like you my friend need a truss rod adjustment. In your case, you would want to tighten it a bit. Loosen up your strings, give it a half turn to the right, tune your bass back up and check it. Repeat if necessary. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your bleeding problem!
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Repeat if necessary.

once per day though!
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I have a ****ty Squire By Fender Jazz.

That's your first problem.
One day I actually started bleeding. What can I do?

The answer here is that you need to strengthen up them lady fingers, girly man.
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I have a ****ty Squire By Fender Jazz ... actually started bleeding.

dont you mean a Squire Jazz bass by Fender? you haven't been playing long have you? like someone said, you need a truss rod adjustment, and some callousses wouldnt hurt either. a new bass this christmas is probably unneccessary. i have a squire p bass and its great for the price, but thats just my two cents.
ya id hold off on the new bass and save, sounds like ur still a beginner
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