hey guise, i was wondering if you have weird ideas for tuning your bass too. give the most playable and amazingly odd bass tune.

mine is: from E A D G to D D D D- try this one, rocks out. tune them all down to D. :p
What would be the point? It wouldn't help with fingering, you gain 2 extra notes on the low end...


It'd actually make fingering harder. Try to play a the root then a 5th with that tuning and you're screwed, especially on the lower notes...

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oh, its not a key to play everything, man. it's a fun one to play only chords which consist of same fret sound on every string. it's very absorbing, like you had a 16 string bass.
Seems pretty useless to me IMO

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yes sir, but if you slam every sting for example:

D- 0----3----5----6----5
D- 0----3----5----6----5
D- 0----3----5----6----5
D- 0----3----5----6----5

it owns for playing easy things which sound absorbing and majestatic, especially in the blues minor scale.
Can your hands press all the strings in 1 fret?
I don't know what I'm doing, but I still do it anyway...

Just for the lulz.

ok guise, you just didnt get my point. i see this thread doesnt fit such a serious forum.
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ok guise, you just didnt get my point. i see this thread doesnt fit such a serious forum.

I got what you were doing.

it wasn't funny. now go do your failing in the pit like normal people.
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I wouldn't call what we have here on the Bass Forum a mentality. It's more like the sharing part of an AA meeting.

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I just recently started experimenting with new tunings. I play metal influenced art-rock and usually used standard and drop-d tuning. Recently though, I started using both DADA tuning and DADF tuning. Those are both very promising and groovy. You'd be surprised how flexible the hyper-symmetrical DADA tuning is.