Little acoustic song I wrote quite a while ago now. Quite a few riffs packed in there because I have a short attention span, second half is better IMO.

Tell me what you guys think, cheers.
Acoustic Song.zip
I loved the riffs in bars 1-5
It does sound like a game actually, just cant figure out what it could be for at the very moment.

From changing from track 1 to track 2 sounds a bit strange, and doesnt seem connected, but you did track 2 to track 3 very well. Also the last three chords of the song are a good idea onto it all, and i was going to suggest something for the last chord as at first it sounded strange, but once i listened over again it sounded fine.

So over all i loved it

Crit/Help on mine?
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Awesome song dude, I like line 1 and 14 the most. but the whole song is very catchy and uplifting. You should definitely add some bass, it would help smooth out the flow of the song.
Great job.

mind critting mine? (First one in my sig) Thanks.
Nice happy song.
Maybe put in a melody line or lyrics on bars 1-17
Good transition from the dist. git to acoustic.
I think perhaps smooth out the transition from acoustic to dist.
I like the intro acoustic part..
But it doesn't last that long, and if it did, only having the acoustic guitar it should be kinda repetitive.

I suggest use that riff more, and add bass/drums/vocals or whatever you see fit to expand that idea. Then you could use bar 3-4 as a chorus, and then go back to the verse..
But as it is presented, it sounds like separated riffs put together.
Then you could use bar 14 as an interlude, and bars 15, etc as a breakdown kind of thing, but obviously change those parts as to fit the song..

The distortion part sounds good as a rhythm part, but not alone (add drums, vocals, maybe a lead over it, a solo, whatever).

The outro sounded great, but also shares the same handicap as the rest of the song (lack of variation, harmonization, etc, mainly because it is only one instrument).

Also, I don't really know if the song resolves to Bmaj at the end, it seems Dmajor suits it more (with a IV-V-I cadence, and that stuff)..

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First off, thanks for the very kind words in your crits. I appreciate it. =D

Now on to your song, critting as I listen...

The intro sounds pretty nice. Nice and upbeat. Then the chords change, and I like the choice of chords. They sound really good. Then the intro plays again (or something that sounds A LOT like the intro). I really like the part after this. Very epic sounding in a way. Then the, I guess guitar solo, comes on. That sounds really good too, can you really play that on the acoustic? This distortion part is a little bland and hard to get into, but I really like the acoustic that fades in. Once again another good choice of chords. The outro seemed a little forced, and far too sudden. Maybe another chord progression and have it fade out?

But, other than the bland distortion part and the sudden outro, it was a fun piece to listen to. I'd give it a 7.5/10.

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