I've been trying to get the tone on my Tele and can't quite nail it. I have a p90 in the neck position. The closest I can get is to roll back the tone and up the bass. Any other suggestions?
Work on getting the nuances of the guitar playing right first. You're in the right ballpark, and Hendrix never went so far as to try to perfectly replicate his recorded tones live.
You have a single coil guitar and decent amp. The difference in tone then, will be your playing. Dynamics are the most imporant thing in that song, so make sure to nail them.

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It was possibly played in position 4 so try both pickups together - it'll never be exact but it could get you a bit closer.
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It won't be exact with a tele, but I'd try with both pups together. set your classic 30 so it's on the verge of natural breakup, and then you should have something relatively close.

personally, I'd set up the amp with a lot of bass for that kind of sound, but do whatever you want.
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