So a couple of weeks ago my bandmate from back home, who knows i'm looking for a small-medium size bass combo for cheap told me about a brand of amp called white horse amps. I googled them online,made in China, unknown brand, sold on amazon. I had them down as being on the same level as behringer.

Today however I was flicking through a magazine in Smiths and I saw the amp as one of the runners up in the best amp of the gear of the year feature of Guitar and Bass magazine.

Apparently they rated it highly, I found the actual review on this page http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/White-Horse-BP150-Bass-Guitar-Amplifier/8J5

(the PDF button)

I've bought the magazine a couple of times and thought they were fair and critical of gear, unlike say total guitar who hand out five star ratings all the time.

So what's the deal has anyone actually played one? Or did White horse slip Guitar and Bass magazine and my friend a huge sack of cash each?
I can imagine this is a case of "you get what you pay for" and it's good for the price.
But I've never actually seen or tried one.

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Im thinking of buying this bass amp aswell, it does look pretty good.

I also bought a black Knight guitar (same company as white horse, but the line of guitar's) and i was very impressed with the build qauility etc etc.

If i manage to buy it soon, ill let you know what it's like
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please do if you get your hands on one or try it ^. Im thinking I might just go for it, I need something to gig with when I'm at home and honestly I wouldn't be that disappointed if a £150 amp broke after the warranty ran out. I'd have enough for a good amp by then.
Never heard of it. Please, if anyone finds one, try it out and tell me how it is.
I need a cheap amp for playing in my room. The 80 watt, 12" speaker combo is looking VERY tempting for that price.

So, as others have said in this thread ; if anyone gets a chance to try them out, report back into this thread and tell us about it, thanks!
I just bought my Yahama RBX170 from them. instead of ordering online from gears4music, haggle on the phone with them. I got it 10 pounds cheaper!
I played a white horse 60w Tube half stack last night, it's also only £150. Blew every amp I've ever owned out of the water, definitely buying one. I imagine the bass amps are just as good.