Right now im just taking offers, in the end I might not sell it at all

Anyways I bought it a while ago, its a great guitar but not really perfect for me, im looking for more of a more heavy metal type guitar.

Anyways it has chrome DiMarzio Tone Zone in the neck and a chrome DiMarzio Breed in the bridge (since they're both chrome it costs like an extra 200$ for both of them). This axe screeeams compared to my other guitars. It also has a few of the Paul Stanley Iceman parts applied to it.
Comes with hardshell iceman case.
It has one minor knick on the front of it which isn't too bad.

and the neck pick up needs a little bit of resoldering (still works great though, awesome cleans)

Im looking to trade it or sell it MAYBE, just taking offers at the moment, I need a good metal guitar (ESP, Jackson, Scheter, maybe even another ibanez) im pretty much open to any offers.

If I decide to sell/trade, it will be done through escrow.com Ive used it before and its trust worthy (several sites vouch for it too, cars.com is a good voucher).

Anyways here's some more pictures





thanks duders!

oh DAMN. I'd trade my Tally for that =[
free bump
and how isnt that a metal guitar
i thought breeds were high output
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