Well Im thinking of selling/trading my iceman for more of a metal guitar.

and by metal I mean deathmetal, all the cores, melo death, etc.

I play stuff like, system of a down, muse, all shall perish, war of ages, as I lay dying, for today, imperanon, amon amarth, norther, august burns red, etc.

And it would need to beable to go a little softer too for lighter stuff.

It would need to be around 500-600$ most likely, depending on what I get for my iceman.

Im pretty much open to anything that fits those descriptions I guess, thanks!

I don't see why the Iceman wouldn't do that unless you don't like it anymore?

Maybe different pickups, but maybe look at a different amp more suited to heavy metal?
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ESP, Jackson, and Schecter will be the best bet for <600
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
none of the bands you listed classify as death metal...
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i say stay with the iceman and put dimarios X2Ns
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thanks for the advice.

And my iceman already has dimarzios in it (breed and tone zone).

Your guitar should already be able to do death metal...

Before I say new amp, maybe you should look into a Super Distortion pickup?
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Your guitar should already be able to do death metal...

Before I say new amp, maybe you should look into a Super Distortion pickup?

+1 except amp>pup
I know you want a new guitar that will give you br00talz TS, but without the right amp you won't get close.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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