I have no idea what to look for in amps, and no idea what a solid-state is to a valve amp etc. When I go to ask some one in the shop, no one can give me a real answer and when I google for some answers I get all theses schematics that make me wish I stayed awake in electronics class.

So can some one just lay down some basics I should know? Try and keep it simple.
SS= transistor
Cons: No warmth, not much dynamics, bad clipping and buzzy
Pros: Great practice amp, sounds the same at any volume, cheap low maintence

Tube= tube
Cons: Can be expensive, higher maintence then ss, more fragile, can be way to loud depending one what genre you play
Pros: Lots of warmth, dynamics, good clipping and rich and creamy with a ton of harmonics

Which one is better that one is up to you....