So far, I've had an amp, and two pedals break. I don't abuse my stuff, it just hangs out in my room.

My G-Dec Junior shut down with no sign of life, my Digitech Hendrix wah gave out, and so did my Metal Muff..I know what happened with the Metal Muff. But has anybody else had trouble with the Hendrix wah and the amp?

I looked through the amp and couldn't find anything that would cause it to stop working.

Thanks in advance.
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my dunlop hendrix just crapped out on me along with 2 other different crybabies

so i feel your pain. love the wah i have no lol

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Are you plugged into a sketchy outlet or something dude?
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Could just be the switch on the wah. The gdec there isnt going to much of anything user serviceable inside other than the fuse. If its not the fuse and still doesnt do anything then its gonna be time for a new amp.
if you're talking about all your gear in general, it could have something to do with your electrical supply? is it faulty? get it checked out man.