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Well... The drummer in the band that I'm in keeps breaking cymbals. In the past 6 months, he's cracked 3, and completely trashed 2 china cymbals. I don't think that he's hitting them too hard, maybe just the way he's hitting them. I really need to know if there is anything that can be done to prevent cracks in cymbals, as this is getting very costly for the band. Thanks for any help.
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Bandleading would be more appropriate, but I won't be *that guy*.

Anyway, if he's keeping them in a cold area, then beating the hell out of them, that would most definitely **** them up.
if he's using crap cymbals their gonna crack, tell him get some nice ones.

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Alright, being a drummer, I have a lot of experience with these issues. Over time, I've discovered that cymbals with thinner ridges (which produce the majority of the sound of the cymbal, as well as the shape of the bell) tend to be stronger, because there are less weak points in the cymbal where one ridge may have been lathed too deep.

Tell him to check out Zildjian's A Custom series projection crashes, I have two of them which I have been using for over a year and neither of them have failed me so far (and I hit pretty hard mind you).

Now, China cymbals are pretty much hit and miss (especially if they're hand hammered), because again, if the metal is too thin, that produces a weak point in the cymbal, which will eventually break after being hit repeatedly. Although I love the sound of china cymbals, I have stopped using them for the time being until I can find one that will be able to survive my playing. (I have completely annihilated two cheap Wuhans in the past year).
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The drummer in my band uses Paiste cymbols at about £130 a piece (not sure what model they are) but they are a reasonable price and last him about 12 - 15 months a cymbol. He also uses Paiste China's and the only reason he upgraded was for an improvment on sound, so I would recommend these cymbols.
Personally with Zildjen (or how ever you spell it) sound pretty weak and empty unless you pay alot for them =/ just personal preferance. And for a thick sounding symbol i'd advise sabian but then ur talking big bucks
make sure he is not hitting the symbols so the stick is parallel to the metal. hit it at an angle so the shock is absorbed

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watching a lot of derek roddy (hate eternal, nile, malevolent creation) videos, he recommends using thinner cymbals.. as they are more likely to flex under normal sticking instead of just outright crack like the heavier less flexible ones. also, he might just be hitting them in spots they don't like such as near the bow, or near the bell.
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Maybe the stand is holding the cymbal too tightly for it to move properly when he hits it.
This may seem foolish, but make sure he's actually using wooden sticks. I know of a drummer who's destroyed many a good cymbal, very quickly, by using metal sticks.
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When he uses his chinas are they upside down? Cos I've heard this prevents them from cracking easier. also it sounds like he isnt using very good cymbals, my drummer uses zildjian k and bosphorus cymbals(both very high quality) that were given to him by his granddad which he bought in the seventies. Thats over 30 years of playing.
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Tell him buy his own problem solved!!

This^ . Maybe less would break too.
Tell him to try not using a top wingnut so that the cymbal can breath, so-to-speak. Tell him to make sure there's still a cymbal sleeve separating the cymbal from the metal part of the stand too.