i have some questions about oiling necks. The neck I have is unpainted maple. Can I oil with WD40? What products wouldn't hurt the wood?

PLEASE NOTE: I mean the back of the neck, not just the fretboard
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Wow, I wouldn't use WD-40 dude. If you have an unfinished Maple neck, try using either Linseed or Tung Oil. You can find them both at a hardware store, or maybe Walmart with all the wood finishing stuff.

Keep in mind that you would still need to oil the neck once in a great while. It's not a permanent finish
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You can go with a tung oil finish or Tru Oil Gunstock finish. I've done both in my day and thinkin' back on it really miss the old school Charvel with the Tru oil neck. Keep in mind I'm not up to date with the new stuff today. . . and not really tryin' to based on the load of crap I see being spewed on these boards which is just totally ridiculous to me.

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get something thats actually made for your guitar, so you don't have to worry about screwing anything up. Shouldn't cost that much
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WD40 is more like solvent than oil - although it does smell darn nice Great for getting rid of water in your electrics - but I'd use it on my bike, not my guitar
No don't use lemon oil on a maple neck! Tung oil or gunstock oil is best. Here this is directly from Music Man website...

Q: How do I maintain the neck on my new Music Man guitar?

A: Since the neck is unfinished, it can be more susceptible to humidity changes. An annual (or so) dose of gunstock oil will help to keep the neck maintained; we use and recommend Birchwood-Casey Tru-oil, but any good quality gunstock oil will work.Clean the neck first. Use a small amount of Tru-oil, leave it on for 5 minutes, then wipe it off with a paper towel. After that, apply Birchwood-Casey Gunstock Wax. Be sure to douse the paper towel with water before disposing of it! Read the wax and oil manufacturer's instructions regarding disposal of these used paper towels.
Birchwood-Casey products are available at most sporting goods or gun stores, or now you can order them direct. Their web address is http://www.birchwoodcasey.com.

Rosewood fingerboards should not be treated with the gunstock oil; instead they should be treated with a high grade of lemon oil, or even better, with Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Fretboard Conditioner. These wipes really work.

For cleaning, try using the same high grade of lemon oil to clean the entire neck, both maple and rosewood fretboards, and again our Wopnder Wipes Fretboard Conditioner. If the neck is very dirty, you can use a small amount of Murphy's Oil Soap, diluted 3:1, to clean it. Keep in mind that if the dirt has gotten into the wood, it cannot be removed except by sanding it down, which we do not recommend a lot of. It is better to keep it clean in the first place. Washing your hands first helps!

On an maple neck, some discoloration after many hours of playing is normal.
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What ever you do DONT use lemon oil on maple especailly not raw wood.
I personly wouldnt want to oil raw wood i much prefer the feel of raw wood, however if you wish to i would just ask a guy at your local guitars store im sure they will help you out maybe offer you a few products?
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You should have some sort of a finish on a neck. If you don't it will absorb the moisture and dirt from your hands, which would cause problems down the road. Have you ever noticed how a patio/deck without a finish will fall apart and turn nasty colors? Same would happen to a neck without a finish, altough it would take a little longer

Tung, Tru-Oil, or Linseed is your best bet. This is what they use to finish the stocks on expensive guns. Also they used these on wooden farm machinery back around the turn of the century.
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Wow, I have had a ernie ball music man EVH since 1991 and every season I have adjusted the neck this way and that way. but now that i found out here to use the gun stock oil i am just FLOORED!, i was leary about putting something on the neck, but what a wonder, thanks Al Gore for this great thing called the internet!!