Ok, i have a few questions about drums.

1st, i was thinking of getting these drum mics: Drum Mics and i was wondering how they would connect to a recording device. (like what cords they'd use)

2nd, with the same mic system, how would i mic cymbals?

3rd, where on the bass drum do i measure to find how big it is and i also need help with picking a new bass drum head.

4th, are these cymbals any good: Cymbals

As you can probaly tell, I'm not a drummer, but i want to begin to learn and just need to know some of this stuff.

any help is appreciated
1. Mic cords into a mixing board
2. Overhead mics generally work best
3. Measure the diameter of the bass drum head with a tape measure and round to the nearest inch.
4. I don't know. You can tune drums, and you can tune guitars, but you can't tune cymbals. If they're coming out of a pack, you don't know what they're going to sound like. Sabian is a fairly recognizable name though, probably a 50/50 chance on tone.
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The Beta 52 is supposedly a good mic for kick. You can never go wrong with a couple 57's or so.

That said, the kit is lacking. If I had to mic a kit with four mics, a Beta 52 on the kick and a 57 on the snare represents a good start.

The problem is that a pair of 57's as overheads is.... let's say... an unusual choice.

Generally, overhead mics are small or medium diaphragm condensors. (which will require an interface or a mixer with built-in phantom power.... or a separate phantom power box). Although, lots of pro studios will use a pair of large-diaphragm mics as overheads too...

If you've got the cash, that kit looks like a fair deal. You'll always have room for those mics in your collection, no matter how esoteric your collection grows up into. Maybe get that kit, and then grab a pair of small-diaphragm condensors to supplement as overheads. Use the extra two 57's as tom mics, which they are well-suited for.

...keeping in mind that you'll need an interface with at least six inputs if you choose to go that way....

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You would want the 52 on kick and the 57s on snare and individual toms. 57s are famous for being great for damn near everything except for making a stereo overhead pair on a drumkit.
The answer to your fourth question is no. No they are not. I know in my own experiences, cymbals made of B8 Bronze are one of the most offensive sounds I've ever heard. They have overtones all over the place and attempting to reign it in is a fruitless endeavor. Anything made from B12 or B20 bronze is a good choice. Sabian even has a budget line of B20 bronze cymbals (XS 20's), you should look into those instead of the B8s.