Just started fingerpicking to learn a song, now i got the nasty blister on the tip of my pointer finger, anyone else have the same experience. It's not that big, just annoying...
All new guitarists start out with blistering fingers so you've got nothing to worry about. Your fingers will form callouses and therefore harden, making it easier to play. Keep it up.
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Yeah, I just played through it, its no biggie. I toned it down the first time I got calluses, but when I returned to playing I got blisters again. I played hard through them and now I have harder callusses than before.
Well, I ****ing hate fingerpicking on guitar and never really learned it.
But when I first started using my fingers for bass I got some nice blisters.
hang in there tiger! you'll be right

also, blisters suck
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Haha i started off fingerpicking so the tips of my fingers are all hard now
on a side note which i'm mentioning because this somehow made me think of it, I have a mate who had a mosquito bite on his fretting pinky, and during a slide on the high e string he sliced it open
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