Sooo... I purchased my first electric guitar about a year ago, after playing a New York Acoustic for about a month or two. Its a Gretsch Elctromatic Hollow-body thing, and its black, should anyone care. At one point, I took the origenal strings out, and replaced them with something weird by musically challenged brother got me, I THINK they were steel strings, but anyways, some of them broke, and long story short I have quite the arrangement of strings, some of which aren't actually meant to go where they are. What I am wondering is what your opinions are concerning replacing my strings with much thinner strings, eg. what you might put on a Fender. I know that they become out of tuned faster, and break easier, and that's no problem, but the fact that I'm thinking of putting strings ment for a solid bodied guitar on a hollow bodied guitar, will that effect anything?
All/most electric guitar strings are metal, and you would just need a smaller gauge of string (probably 9's or maybe even 8's) You'd have to adjust the truss rod and the action a bit though before you put them on or the guitar could get damaged or messed up.
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i'd take it to a guitar shop and get it set up. if you don't have the right strings on, it could seriously jack up the guitar neck.