awhile back, I purchased a Line 6 Toneport GX from guitar center
I am running it on windows vista home premuim

When I plug my guitar in the toneport to record, it sounds just fine.
But, whenever i go to record (using cakewalk/SONAR 7) it tends to have an audio drop out.

I'm not sure what that means, and I'm aware I don't have the best recording hardware, so I can't just get something better.

What does dropping out mean? how do I fix this? and might it be my sound card that's the problem... Realtek HD audio...
I don't know
when it happens, the recording stops and it says "dopout" on the bottom of the screen
it doesn't elaborate on what it's reffering to
It might be your connections arent very good.
Check your cords.
If not, contact the manufacturer and ask.
well, my connection is
guitar>monster cable>toneport>usb to computer

if it was one of those, I'd guess the USB connector... but I don't think that's the problem
I could be that you're using too much ram already and when you start recording it crashes.
Also listening to your track while it's recording can add on, try muting it and turning everyhting but the program you use off.