Since I am a bassist first and foremost, I am probably not going to need my SG in comparison to my need for awesome bass stuff. So, if you've got any offers, I'm looking for something with a growly tone that can handle distortion well. I play post-rock/shoegaze and you can hear my band via my sig- Just imagine those recordings with distorted bass in all the right places.

There's some mild cosmetic damage due to heavy use in its 3 months of service, but nothing major.

Offer away!
Oh yeah, UK only.

Basses I'm considering:

Warwick- Corvette $$ would be accepted without question. Bolt-on ones with a growly tone will be considered.
Gibson Thunderbird- Preferably black with a white pickguard, but anything will be considered.
Any good (non-Mexican) Fender that doesn't look boring.
Anything weird but good.

Ashdown ABM series amps- head and 410 cab would be nice with any amp, really.

I'll also take £580 cash and would prefer collection after all the crap I've been going through with couriers lately.
booo. i have an ampeg B2R head and abm210t cab.
within you lay everything
every key
every secret

untouched and in plain sight
I sees. =3

I'll also trade for Lakland basses, or a Schecter Model T bass and something else.